How To Reset Canon Printer After Ink Refill

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How to Reset Canon Printer After Ink Refill


Canon printers are widely used for both personal and professional purposes. One common issue faced by printer users is the need to reset the printer after ink refill. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to reset a Canon printer after ink refill.

Why Resetting is Required?

When you refill the ink cartridges in your Canon printer, the printer may not recognize the new ink levels. This can lead to error messages or incorrect ink level readings. Resetting the printer will ensure that it recognizes the newly refilled cartridges and provides accurate ink level readings.

Step 1: Turn Off the Printer

Before starting the reset process, ensure that your Canon printer is turned off. This is important to prevent any potential damage to the printer or the cartridges.

Step 2: Remove the Cartridges

Open the printer cover and carefully remove the ink cartridges from their slots. Make sure to handle them with care to avoid any spills or leaks.

Step 3: Clean the Cartridge Contacts

Using a lint-free cloth or cotton swab, gently clean the metal contacts on the cartridges. This will remove any dirt or residue that may hinder the printer from recognizing the cartridges.

Step 4: Reinstall the Cartridges

Once the contacts are clean, carefully reinstall the cartridges back into their respective slots. Ensure that they are securely in place.

Step 5: Turn On the Printer

After reinstalling the cartridges, turn on your Canon printer. It will take a few moments for the printer to recognize the cartridges and reset the ink levels.

Step 6: Print a Test Page

To confirm that the reset process was successful, print a test page. This will help you verify if the ink levels are being detected accurately by the printer.

Step 7: Check for Error Messages

If you encounter any error messages or if the printer is still not recognizing the ink levels properly, repeat the reset process from the beginning. Ensure that the cartridges are clean and securely installed.

Step 8: Contact Canon Support (if needed)

If you have followed all the steps correctly and the printer is still not functioning properly, it is recommended to contact Canon support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps or arrange for a service appointment if required.


Resetting a Canon printer after ink refill is a simple process that ensures accurate ink level readings. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily reset your Canon printer and continue printing without any issues.